This is an amazing skin oil!

Liquid Gold – Prickly pear seed oil is coming from the prickly pear cactus. It used to be only found in Mexico but has since been grown in dry climates like that of Morocco. It’s derived from native plants that are carefully selected by woman-owned, responsibly managed and local co-operatives.

I am myself a user and a fan of this Liquid Gold. I had eczema and sensitive skin.

I’ve tried a lot of oils, cream and have loved many of them. This oil is light and absorbs quickly while boosting skin’s ability to retain moisture which is great for all skin type. But what makes it so powerful is that it contains incredibly high doses of the vitamins E and antioxidants skin needs to regenerate, heal and repair. I’ve seen improvements in the texture of my skin that creams and lotions can’t compete with. So far this is the best oil that available in the market.

I am still using and loving my liquid gold! Have you tried them yet?



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